Flash Card Printer (returns!)

I have noticed from my Google Analytics that a few people are landing here in search of my Flash Card Printer.

Well, here it is: Setup_Flash_Card_Printer_v1

It lets you create multiple paired lists, with entries in ‘Language 1’ matched against entries in ‘Language 2’.

When you print these lists, the items from the ‘Language 1’ column will be printed on the odd pages, according to a grid that you specify (from 1×1 to 10×10).

The alternate entries within the ‘Language 2’ column will be printed on the even pages, however their horizontal order will be flipped (so that the correct ‘Language 2’ cards are printed on the proper ‘Language 1’ cards).

It supports UTF8 character encoding and the Windows XP alternative Input Editors, so you should be able to use it to create Flash Cards in any language validly installed on your Windows XP system.

I made it to help me learn Italian (and Visual Basic.Net), however it is quite conceivable that you could use this to create flash cards for any subject that can be represented by text…such as mathematical formula, commerce concepts, legal case names etc etc.

You could also use it to print off your own games.

I had intended to incorporate the ability to share lists with other users, and if I can see that there is support for this idea I may spend some time on implementing that feature.

The license for this is “This is free to use for individual use, however use within a commercial setting for for a public purpose requires a license (see the ‘Contact’ page for details).” however I am contemplating changing this.

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