Joomla to Coppermine sync script

It appears that the Joomla to Coppermine sync script I wrote and gave away in September 2006 is quite popular (judging by the number of 404 errors logged on that particular file). Baring in mind the following points, I offer it to the world for download once more:-

  1. It is a one way synchronisation from the Joomla CMS 1.0.x series membership database to the Coppermine Gallery membership database. The proper way to use this would be to deactivate registrations in Coppermine, and instead rely on the system in Joomla.
  2. Backup your databases before testing it.
  3. I recommend using it only if you are proficient in SQL and PHP
  4. You will need to call this periodically to keep the database in sync (set up a cron job if able)
  5. It is released under the version 2 (or at your option any latter version) of the GPL license and is open source.
There are ten configuration parameters at the top of the script with descriptions of what they do, that you will need to review and change to get it to run on your server.
Your mileage may vary with the current version of Joomla, series 1.5.x. If you are running Joomla 1.5.x, and modify this script to make it run between that version of Joomla and the current version of Coppermine, I would welcome it if you decided to share your code with me – I would, with your permission, upload the same (and give you credit) and offer it for download here.

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