July 2010 Laptop Comparison

I often get asked “what laptop should I buy?”. This really comes down to your requirements. For me, they are:

  • light weight
  • good battery life
  • small size – I don’t want to be forced to buy any new carry bags because of it, I want it to be a replacement of my old one
  • powerful – I want it to be more like a full sized computer and less like a sluggish netbook

I settled on the Asus PL30JT-RO025X, which can be had for just under $1500. For those who are interested my comparison of several similar contenders is below:


  1. Nick says:

    My choice…
    Good operational fundamentals, ideal for my next semester of University.

    • specky says:

      Nick you might want to consider the weight of your proposed laptop if you are going to be hauling it around uni, with text-books, semester after semester…a light weight does make a big difference.

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