Troubleshooting Gallery2 HTTP Status 500 Internal Server Errors

If you are receiving a “HTTP Status 500 Internal Server Error” when trying to Edit or view a Gallery2 setup, you would ought to check whether your choice of graphics toolkit is the cause of the error.

In a gallery I was setting this morning, the “Gd” graphics toolkit was causing the site to crash because of a time-out which arose when Gallery2 attempted to use Gd to generate a thumbnail.

The fix is to fight your way to the Admin/Plugins page, configure and activate the ImageMagick plugin, and deactivate (& delete) the Gd plugin.

Incidentally, the only way to trouble-shoot Gallery2 when it is in this condition is to:

  1. Check your host’s error log for any errors generated by the PHP scripts and/or Apache; and
  2. Activate Gallery2’s immediate debug mode.

Immediate debug mode should at least generate output, the last line of which should indicate where/why Gallery2 has died.

Finally, if you are running on a Linux Host / LAMP stack and you want to use a local php.ini, you must put the following line in the  .htaccess file:

SetEnv PHPRC /path/to/httpdocs/

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