Installing X11 Screensavers on Ubuntu

Miss the Windows 3.11 days of After Dark?, well if you are running Ubuntu or Mac you can relive it by download the X11 screen saver package.

If running from Ubuntu, you can install it from the repos:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-screensaver
sudo apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-data-extra  xscreensaver-gl-extra unicode-screensaver rss-glx

Then start the daemon with:

xscreensaver -nosplash

Make sure you add xscreensaver -nosplash as a startup item.

You can configure the screen savers by running xscreensaver-demo.

Windows users you may turn to Really Slick screensavers.

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