I started this site back in 2005 in anticipation of a trip to Europe.

This was in the days before Flickr was the reliable services that it is now known and Google, only just gaining its reputation within Australia, was yet to purchase Picasa and develop the web album platform for sharing photos. Facebook use was not wide-spread, and that aside I am still reluctant to use Facebook to share high quality photos.

So I used this little plot in cyber-space to backup photos and share selected photos and documents with friends and family back home.

Back then it was hosted on an ASP.net server and running a custom CMS written by me, featuring amongst other things, WYSIWYG online submission of articles, delayed publishing and a photo gallery.

Eventually I became involved in heavily modifying the Joomla CMS and other software, such as Coppermine Gallery, which share the same LAMP / XAMPP stack. Naturally this which necessitated a lot of PHP and MySQL programming. I migrated this site to a Linux host and relaunched it.

I am heavily into coding and I have  produced a few usable projects during my time at university, and so this site was set up with distinct sections devoted to web design, software downloads and as a test-bed for web technologies.

After a while I decided that the Joomla! install looked little aged, and wanting an even easier way to easily express myself and share my ideas I deployed Word Press and relaunched this site in May 2010.

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