Batch application of filters in Gimp to make many old photos

I have bunch of files to which I want to apply the “Old Photos” GIMP filter. For the uninitiated, Old Photos turns this: into this: This is a very simple script which will apply the Old Photos filter to every file matching the pattern you supply when you run GIMP. It has no “undo” function and it will save over the input files so be sure to make backups of the originals and only run this script on copies. To call it you run: gimp-2.6 -i -b "(many-old-photos \"*.jpg\")" -b "(gimp-quit 0)" You can download make-many-old-photos.scm here or click here to

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February 14th, 2011

Norton Removal Tool

If you get stuck with Norton software on your system try following the steps in this page or downloading one or Symantec’s tools direct from its FTP site.

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February 10th, 2011

WordPress more tag patch for Facebook Photo Fetcher

I have been experimenting with using the brilliant Facebook Photo Fetcher plug-in (by Justin Klein) to present the photos I have on Face Book however it didn’t work quite the way I wanted. The specific problem is that there was no way to split a gallery with a <!–more–> tag. (Having two references to Facebook Photo Fetcher, with a more tag in between does not work either). So I have edited the source of the plunging to introduce the functionality I need and I have added support for a more=n stanza to the plungin. The edits (to version 1.2.8 of _output_gallery.php) are as follows: 1. At line 108 insert: //1.2.8-cs if( preg_match(’/more=(\d+)/’, $retVal[’startTag’], $matches) )      $retVal[’more’]      =$matches[1]; 2. At line 293 insert: //1.2.8-cs //Insert a more tag? if( $params[’more’] > 0 && $i == $params[’more’] ) $retVal[’content’] .= "<!–more–>\n\n"; An example usage is this: <!–FBGallery [ID#] more=8 –><!–/FBGallery–> This will insert a <!–more–> tag after your eighth image. I suggest you set this number to be a multiple of your

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February 9th, 2011

Tabcloud syncing browsing sessions between computers and fixing slow Excel 2004 (Mac) spreadsheets with the offset function

A short post about using Tabcloud to sync entire browsing sessions between PCs and using the ‘offset’ function to fix slow spreadsheets in Excel 2004 for Mac.

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February 8th, 2011

m3u playlist copy and tag bash script v1

This is a bash script I wrote which will read an m3u play list, copy all files into a specified directory, and optionally change the “album” and “track number” tag. I use it as an intermittent step to copy or burn the LastFM play lists which Exaile generates. The script requires id3tag to tag mp3 files and AtomicParsley to tag m4a files. Check that the md5 sum matches fb893b406c9eb6379bd0b09ed0e38345. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE. Click here to download.

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December 19th, 2010
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